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Hi, my name is Eytan and I׳ve got 2 kids

As a young parent, I found out that organizing all my kid׳s pictures in different albums, collecting, privately sharing, backing them up and then printing them takes a lot of energy and time.

Time us parents don׳t have.

In the past year, my co-founder and I have developed a solution for these problems, it׳s named Yoovi, after my daughter, and you׳ll love it since it was built specifically for parents.

We׳re looking for other parents that share our photo-related problems, and are willing to ״vote״ that they will try our app once it׳s launched. This will REALLY help us in getting the funds we need from our investors in order to launch it.

So if you want to help a young startup that׳s trying to make the lives of parents better, leave your email and share this link with other parents.

Eytan & Team Yoovi

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The team

Eytan Levit CEO. Dad + 2.
Asaf Inbar CTO. Dad + 2.
Rotem Elimelech Creative director. Dude.